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Our services are divided into several sections that can be limited to these sections (Performance Oils-Performance Pastes-Performance Powders-Double Strength Apple Cider Vinegar-Shampoo & Conditioner)

Performance Oils

At Spectrum Animal Health we like to emulsify our oils… When antioxidants and oils are emulsified together, prior to ingestion, the rate and extent of absorption of nutrients are improved by up to 250%. The use of Omega oils without Anti-oxidant supplementation can lead to an imbalance in to prooxidant: anti-oxidant ratio. The emulsification process prepares oils and vitamins for absorption in the gut. This absorption is varied when the oils and fat soluble and vitamins have not been pre-emulsified. Supplements that are not emulsified are prone to deterioration, palatability problems, toxins and reduced shelf-life. Food grade emulsifiers, approved and confirmed by the APVMA, ensure a consistent, stable product.

Performance Pastes

Using pastes is a quick and easy way of providing key nutrients for your horse. Fast acting and effective, we have pastes catering from everything from performance to recovery. Here at ‘Spectrum Animal Health we have developed a paste for every race.

Double Strength Apple Cider Vinegar

For over 50 years the finest Apple Cider Vinegar has been produced and used by horse owners as a natural addition to the diet.
Apple Cider Vinegar taken as part of a holistic approach to animal health and welfare enhances wellbeing by modifying the intestinal environment to a pH suitable for beneficial bacteria to function optimally. This change in pH has been found to be beneficial in the prevention of intestinal stones called enteroliths.


Gel Shampoo—Treatment/Insect repellent Aids in the control of skin conditions and naturally repels midges and other biting insects known to cause Queensland itch. Spectrum gel Shampoo can be used daily when serious skin conditions are being managed.